Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A bad day getting worse

It started out fine this morning. At 6:30 a.m. I had coffee with JB and Nydia, and we talked kayaks and training and trips. Then I started the drive home.

Every freakin street was torn up and blocked off. It took twice as long to get home as it should have.

Then I sat down to write about our circumnavigation of Door County, and the damn picture upload thingy doesn't work.

How could this day (it its only 8:20 a.m) get worse?

At 2:30 pm I have my annual prostate exam.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

And you didn't even mention that you woke up with an apparent allergic reaction to something that filled your head with snot!!!

We've got to learn how Derrick does his photo uploads.

The annual prostrate exam isn't so bad, it could be worse . . . we could be a female!

Look on the bright side, had a nice early morning meeting with two great people ;o))

derrick said...

Well, it can get worse. . what if your dock runs out of vas. . .(ooooh, I can't say it. . )

Yeah, I stopped using blogger's uploader it seems hardly ever work. Plus I like to save my images somewhere else as well.

Silbs said...

ok, so I have to learn the new way to load the images.

JohnB said...

Perhaps Sir Derrick could hold a brief class before Sunday's meeting??? Laptops--Caribou has free wi-fi now, as does many places.

Silbs said...


derrick said...

sure, but where the hell is Caribou other than in Canada??