Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm tired
I don't like it
I go out paddling the majority of the days. Most often, I am out on Lake Michigan searching for some wave action on which to hone my skills or just have some fun. Sometimes I spend the time practicing strokes, rolls and braces. Sometimes I just hop over to a section of the river and do an aerobic paddle or just a relaxing tour. Yesterday was no exception.

Eight of us launched onto the lake and enjoyed a rolling and some what confused 2-3 foot sea. We tried surfing back in, but mostly got goosed by the waves. The last leg home was into a freshing wind that had to be gusting to 20 knots or more.

I hadn't slept well the night before, and later yesterday began feeling tired. Actually, I began feeling weary. There's a difference. The first is muscular and some times accompanied by a desire to nap. The second is all that plus a feeling that something in the core needs to rest, to be renewed.

It is blowing out there this morning, and the skies look dreary. The temps are to be in the 60s, a gift this time of year and not one to be squandered. But, alas, I do not feel like answering the call.

I hope it is just a little too much too oftern thing and not the winter blahs that can creep into every corner of my mind. I hope I am a valuable player being rested for a game or two and not a washed up, used up broken down has been. We shall see. I shall see. Time will tell. Mean while, I am taking a day off. Maybe I will get over to the lumber store and start on that storage rack I need to finish so I can get my car into the garage this winter. Maybe I am too tired to even do that.

So, rest I must, and when I have and my body, mind and soul are refreshed, I will put myself back into the game. And, as always,

Paddle safe...

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