Friday, October 27, 2006

Steward of
The Milwaukee River

He's my neighbor, he's friendly and everyone who hangs on or near the river knows least to say hello or wave to. Sometimes he is walking along the banks taking in the condition of the river, checking on what plants are over growing others and what needs to be cleaned up. Other times, I have met him afloat. On such delightful occassions, we will sit and chat about this and that.John always knows everything about what is going on with the river, especially the section near our homes (by the way, these pics were taken 3 blocks NW of my back yard...but I digress). He knows when the levels will be dropped in fall and when they'll be raised again in spring. He knows where in government bills to clean up the river of PCBs are stalled and how the potential cost is rising into the multi-millions of dollars. And, he is always at any local or governmental meeting called to discuss river matters.John is self reliant. He paddles the boundary waters and other Canadian destinations each year as attested to by his leathered face. He has an easy and elegant stroke that I cannot help but admire. Although I always offer, John insists on lifting and carrying his own equipment, and he carries it all at once saying, "I have to stay in practice."His license plates are well known in the area, and I seldom see him driving without his canoe (it is kevlar) on top. John, another one of the interesting paddlers I've met on the water.

Paddle safe...


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Buncher said...

You know the "I Kenew" guy? Kewl!