Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rome Ruminations

I really am frustrated that I am unable to post pics from this internet location. We leave for Florence tomorrow, and I am told there will be WiFi available there. With pictures, I will be able to show you the parallel lives of kayakers and scooter riders. They are so alike. As far as sea kayakers go...well, there are some Mercedes autos here, but I think they are driven for mostly government officials.

It is all the more frustrating knowing that the ocean is not far away. It is, however, not in the cards for this trip.

Just read old Derrick spoil everyone's fun Mayoleth's blog ( The guy is already yelling about drysuits and water temps below 40. That's the type of thing that starts panics and false rumors of the world coming to an end. And after JB and I showed him such a nice time on our body temperature big lake.

Which reminds me to tell Derrick to remind his wife that JB and I are moving in with them for the winter so we can spend 8 days a week in a pool like he does. And we don't plan to wear dry suits.

Looking at other matters (photos would, unfortunately help here, too), there are an incredible number of beggars on the streets. Men and women. I am aware how socialistic Europe often criticizes the good old USA about socialized medicine and their way of life. They have some valid points to make, but why are all these people out on the streets begging? I ask that honestly (and am not in for a political debate), as I thought a socialized system would provide for all. I clearly need to learn more.

Before going off on any more secants, I will wish all well and continue my travels. Mean while, you...
Paddle safe

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