Sunday, September 10, 2006

Living the good life

Well, 65 years ago, when I was born in the housing projects of Milwaukee (Park Lawn), I never thought I would be celebrating my 30th year of wedlock in a villa in the hills abouve Florence. Life has been good, very good, to me. Good health, with some dramatic exceptions, fabulous career and wonderful family...I am blessed.

Lenora, the gal who runs things here, says I can plug in a card and download some pics...maybe tomorrow. I will if I can.

Good wishes to all, may life treat you as good as it has been treating me (never know what tomorrow will bring).

Yesterday's post got messed up. I ragged on Derrick for talking about dry suits and cold water. I also reminded him to remind his wife that JB and I are moving in with them for the winter so we can use the pool daily. Meanwhile.....

Paddle safe


derrick said...

You can have the shed, attic or basement. . . the shed offers more privacy but the attic is warmer!

Any day you can use "villa" in a sentance is a good day indeed. :)

JohnB said...

Well, I took a day off today--literally, a day off! Yep, me!!!

No ambulance, no teaching kayaking, and no kayaking. Since you weren't here to paddle with, and Derrick didn't take the bait to come over and play in the waves while the water is still warm, I suggested that she and I go out to breakfast. Then I gave her some choices (a) we could go to 1505 in Mequon, (b) we could go to Heinnemans, (c) we could go to the Pine Cone on our way to Rutabaga so I could pick up some things, including my new sleeping bag, or (d) we could just laze around read the paper and veg-out. Well, she choice "c".

So, we drove in light rain to Madison and back. The Pine Cone (where we usually stop) was very crowded though and we went on and found a place in Lake Mills, then took the back road to Madison. Nice day.

Got home and looked over my new tow belt and sleeping bag--all passed muster. Then after getting absolutely disgusted with the Packers Bears game (Bears won, big time! 26 - 0) first time Brett Favre has every been shut out--bet he wishes he'd retired, I went out to the garage and installed the new kayak hangers on the wall--really nice. We'll see how they actually work.

Fixed a nice dinner for Ms Oz (and me)-- 31.5 years for us, but who's counting? (We both know the answer to that one.)

Now watching the battle of the Manning brothers and thinking about getting ready to start another week.

Enjoy the villa. Keeping your seat warm at Bellas!

Silbs said...

Geez, all they watch here is Fooootball.I will take the attic.