Thursday, September 07, 2006

From Roma:

No kayak sightings in this ancient city. One shell on the river which is traditionally polluted like ours. Never saw a kayak rack. But there is much here to which kayakers can relate.

No need to be bothered by the smell of dank neoprene. Here, the odors of the day are diesel fumes augmented by a cadre of millions who freely blow their smoke everywhere. Fear crossing busy shipping lanes? If so, you would never make it across the street here.

Traffic is like a pool sessions with excessive numbers of white water paddlers. They are and go everywhere and in every direction without any indication of intent. Every last one of them wears a helmet. not seen it, but I suspect they all roll...or attempt to, because I constatly am hearing ambulances rushing to and fro.

They dress better than paddlers do and, for the most part, seem to smell better.

I have been here before and am again because Lady Linda wanted to come for our 30th wedding celebration. The vatican museum is updated and the crowds are larger, much larger, than they were when I was here about 35 years ago. Thousands sit around the Spanish Steps and the Trevi fountain for no other reason than thousands sit around the steps and the fountain.

There was one Welsh couple on our tour, but I fought the impulse to ask them why they cannot make a quality kayak out of a good design. Diplomacy won out. Quality control may have suffered.

I am okay being here, and would rather be home. Seeing old stuff that looks exactly like the pictures in books, walking all day in 90 degree heat, having near-death walking experiences, constantly inhaling fumes and smoke, AND NO PADDLING aren't my idea of ideal.

I am getting some nice images and will share them when I return unless I can find a way to do so sooner.

I will look both ways if you promise toPaddle Safe...
DS (missing you all)


Buncher said...

You are blessed with the best of everything in life...repeat.

JohnB said...

While I haven't been out of the USA since the fall of 1977, when we returned from living in London for 4 years, it sounds as though things on that side of the Atlantic haven't changed all that much. At least in Roma they don't drive on the "wrong" side of the street as they do in England -- sounds like they drive on all sides, where ever they can get the vehicle through.

Keeping your seat at Bella's (rather ironic name for our meeting spot) reserved. . .

Remember: "Agitare prima dell'uso." (Shake before using.)

derrick said...

ok Dick, I have to admit it. I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for the poor suffering guy in ROME. Geeze. Get out of traffic and find a park somewhere and take a nap under a tree.

dick silberman said...

It is the next day, and blospot is acting up (in Italian no less). I may not be ble to post and it could be 2 more days until I find WiFI and send pics