Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From Florence and surroundings

Here is a pic you won't see on No siree. I found a rec kayaker...IN ITALY on the greenish Arno river. He has a 90 degree feathered paddle and a smooth stroke with a nice pause at the top...although, he did seem to be an arm paddler. I yelled out JB's name and number for him to call for English.

Here is a view of the Arno from one of its many bridges:

And, finally, here is a shot of the olive trees behind the, trailer;

There it is, a hard day's output, and all before siesta time.

Miss the big lake and am ready to come home. We leave here, by car, on saturday for Lake Como and home (by plane, not car) after the weekend. I will continue to make these little posts when ever I can and to share some of the scenery.


Paddle safe



JohnB said...

Bella's next Wednesday (20th)?

Thanks for the reference, I'll wait for his call ;o))

derrick said...

So. . . I did'nt see a picture of you paddling yet? Not even a wet foot eh?