Monday, September 11, 2006

There is Life after Roma

Rome was an amazing city, and one of contrasts. Here is sthe closest thing to sea kayaking I could find:
(excuse the quality of the pics while I am away. I am using a Rube Goldberg set up to get them posted and edited...but I digress)

This is the closest it came to white water action:

There were beggars:And there was garbage...everywhere:

So, we followed the signs and headed by train to Florence, then by car to a villa up in the hills where they grow olives and make oil (oglio...the g is silent)

This is a view looking out from our tent, and above is our camp site (we are, of course, roughing it. The entire place isn't ours:).

Now, more than anything, I want to respect the local culture. So, Having had bread, cheese, fruit, etc. for lunch, I must decide whether to siesta or join Lady Linda pool side. Desicions. Decisions. Desicions.

Y'all paddle safe...


1 comment:

JohnB said...

With your sandals sitting by the window, is that your means of egress--or just airing them out?

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, nice to see the clear skies there, something we haven't had for a few days now.