Friday, September 15, 2006

Hodge Podge

Yesterday we visited the Chianti Classico wine region and tasted some wonderful windes. If it doesn't say Classico on the label and if there is not a black rooster, it ain't the real stuff. I noticed these bottles on the way into the testing room.
On the way out, they looked like this:

I drove from Florence to the villa today and enjoyed the free-wheeling style of driving here (I have an international license). There seems to be a lot of unwritten rules and a deep-seated faith in the other guy. What we would call a close call at home is just the way it is done here. If it were not, nothing would move on these narrow streets and highways.

Two nights ago, I spent some time alone in the olive grove beneath the villa. It was peaceful and warm, and the wind whispered to me.

We travel tomorrow, driving to Lake Como. I will make every effort to post the day after. FYI: local time now is 1:55 pm

Paddle Safe..



Buncher said...

Dad, did you get mom drunk? I've kind of always wanted to see that!

JohnB said...

Hmmm...he's not telling, and from what we read, sounds like it was the other way around--she got him looped (drunk sounds too harsh).

Certainly sounds like a good time!

Buncher said...

My mother is a very smart lady!

It certainly did sound like a good time!