Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Black River Marsh
One of the features of the state park where we camped last weekend is the marsh formed by the very slow flowing Black River. It flows so slowly, in fact, that it heats up and gives up most of its oxygen while in the marsh. Because of this only a few species of fish are able to live in such an environment. At the park, they have done a nice job of providing a boardwalk into the marsh along
with informational signs with interesting facts about the area.

You won't see many (or any) animals as they seem pretty secreted in the marsh. You will, however, see a variety of plant life...,
but the pretty purple stuff is actually an invasive species from Europe, and an insect has been introduced to (hopefully) eat it up (here's hoping the bug doesn't turn out to be a problem).
In any event, it is nice to know that not all our tax dollars are going to paving the earth with concrete.
Paddle safe...

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