Saturday, August 07, 2010

I Am Sure That The Autopsy
Will Show I Was Right

I Am Sure That The Autopsy Will Show I Was Right[Image]In occupations that see a lot of death there is something we call gallows humor. It is a dark type of humor meant only for the ears of those in the profession, and it serves to relieve the tension inherent in those professions. I first learned it from my Chief of Cardiology when he asked me what I would say to a patient who called to tell me he had seen another doctor and was taking his advise and stopping all the medications I had prescribed. Go ahead, was to be the answer, but I'm sure the autopsy will show I was right.
I never, of course, said anything remotely like that to a patient or a paddler, but there were times when it came to mind. I wanted to say it to the big dumb guys in cotton shorts ignoring my advise to not paddle on a 75 degree day because the water was still 38 and I saw no pfd's.

[Image]It is all meant to encourage making good judgments around going out onto the water. Of course, there is the old saw: good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. Sometimes, sadly, bad judgment leads to an autopsy.

Paddle safe...


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