Thursday, August 05, 2010

Because of a teaching-traveling (medicine, not kayaking), I will be missing this summer's camp in upper Michigan. I realize that it has been much too long since I've taken down my skin on frame which hangs majestically over Lady Linda's car. As those of you familiar with these boats know, they are an incredibly tight fit and not easily wet exited. It behooves one to be careful and have a bomb proof roll and/or an able paddler along side when going out in them.
For those of you not familiar with QAJAQ: It is an organization that promotes everything about traditional paddling. The boats, paddles and dress are all modern versions (we don't kill seals) of the 9000 year old design upon which all sea kayaks are based.
As in all of kayaking, it is populated with people you will like and enjoy being with. Everyone, from beginner to expert, come together here to teach and learn the many many techniques that can be done with these techniques. And, no, you do not need to have a SOF boat to get into it. Check them out.

Paddle safe...


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