Monday, August 09, 2010

Peak Performance
I actually coauthored a book by that name but, today, I am thinking about where I am and where I can expect to go with my kayaking skills. I have been blessed, to be sure, to be able to be out there at my age while many of my contemporaries have left this earth. And, while I continue to work on my skills and read to gain more knowledge, I know I will reach a point where further skill development will be hindered or arrested by the limits of my aging body.

I already experience more or less constant pain when I compress the joints where my thumbs join my hands. At the same time (oddly enough) I can rotate in the boat well enough to do stretches with a hand on the opposite side of the boat (behind me). I am willing to take the bad with the good.

I go out alone a good deal and sometimes spend that time practicing rolls. I have become aware that my Cetus is a wonderful boat but a bit large for me. If I had a buyer, I would get the MV model. In lieu of that, I am going to pad out the cockpit for a snugger fit. I want that feeling I have in my other boats. I want that feeling that in the event I go over I can roll right back  up.

For now, the game plan is to get up early every day, stay in the game, offer gratitude for what I have and work on the needless worrying I often do. Other than that, time will tell me when I have peaked and when to back off. I may or may not listen.

Paddle safe...


Tony said...

At my age (58) I know the peaks are behind me. I'm now on a plateau and I accept that. Its still a plateau that's higher than the majority of the population can achieve. I'm lucky and intend to work hard to stay on top as long as I can. So, I see, are you. Keep it up!

Tony :-)

Silbs said...

Ouch. I think I was over 58 when I started kayaking.

Tony said...

Well, Silbs, man, you're setting a good example for us if you started kayaking after 58!

Tony :-)