Monday, August 30, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice
The teaching season is about over. I had a class last Saturday and have a 2-day intro class this coming weekend. As in any job, teaching kayaking means a lot of repetition. It means teaching the same wet exit, forward stroke and what have you right from the beginning...over and over again. And, depending on the students, there is similar repetition within the class as we try to develop good habits and positive muscle memory.
Demonstrate it over and over before watching the students each do it over and over until, at last, they get it. Suddenly, it is all worthwhile. Whether in the classroom or afloat, that is what teaching is mainly about and, when someone can't get it the first time, figure out another way to explain or demonstrate it to them.

In any event, this group got it fast and did it remarkably well...even edging. I hope, it being late in the season, that they will get their butt-IN-the-boat-time and do all those repetitions until the muscle memory sets in.

Perhaps this technique will work in my Anatomy and Physiology class..."This is the hand...this is the hand, this is...

Paddle safe...

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