Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Then Came Sunday
(Passion: conclusion)
The 5 students, JB and I met on the beach and had a short briefing before heading onto Lake Michigan. The sun was out, and the winds were gusting up to 20 knots. There was the possibility of a small craft warnings later in the day, however, being mostly offshore the wind wasn't doing much to the near-shore waters. Once on the water, students were each assigned a technique to teach. Then it happened, I began to see the passion.
(get those elbows up over the shaft)
Will, the youngest of the group, stepped up. He let go of the idea that he had to prove himself to the older paddlers. It immediately became clear that he had skills, lots of skills and the confidence of one who knows a bit about his business. He was enthusiastic, he spoke clearly and he creatively took the class through the low brace drill. I smiled on the inside.
(get that top hand out over the water)
Susan, who has lots of experience in the corporate world, was alive and dynamic as she taught a draw stroke. Her voice inflection invited us to listen and learn as she demoed and taught like...well, like a certified instructor. And so it went for the rest of the time on the water and land.
                                                (get that top hand out over the water)
Chris (above), Ken (pictured yesterday) and Shawn (sorry , no pic...he is in the witness protection program) all stepped up, all showed how they could teach using their strengths and personalities. The day ended with JB giving each person an over view of where they are and what they needed to do before testing at an ICE.

At the end of it all I felt differently and better. I learned that my passion for teaching may not be identical to another person's, but that didn't mean that they cared any less or would not work just as hard. Above all of this, as JB pointed out to them, I saw people of various ages who we in the ACA want to see representing our sport. This is, after all, a serious business this teaching. Lives are in our hands.

I want instructors to love what they are doing, be able to make lessons about the students and not themselves and to demonstrate excellent form to even a class of recreational paddlers. I just want to see some passion, and I believe I did.

Paddle safe...


IowaAdmin said...

After your blog of yesterday, I thought I was going to have to post a rebuttal on behalf of those of us in the IDW class. I'm glad I waited and did not rush to judgment. Thanks for not doing the same about us. :) BTW, Shawn is indeed in one of your photos -- grey shirt and grey cap, standing at left in today's top photo.

Silbs said...

Your comments are always spot on. I missed doing an individual shot. Good to hear from you.