Monday, August 23, 2010

Checking Back In
Had a nice weekend with Greg and Jennifer. I would have pictures for you, but PhotoShopCS just jammed up my computer for 20 minutes, and I have a breakfast meeting. In brief:
1. Kholer-Andrae State Park is a nice piece of real estate with beach, forests, marshes and 1,000,000 camp sites (some inches apart). It is apartment camping.
2. Managed to get the tents up Friday evening and get to Judie's for supper just as the thunderstorm with hail and 50mph+ winds hit.
3. Had a ball paddling Saturday. Spent a lot of it near shore going parallel to the surf. First time I've taken spilling waves (albeit small ones) on the beam. Great test of reflexes and bracing.
4. Jennifer makes great meals, and Greg knows how to cook (he is a chef).
5. The guy at the next site demonstrated the latest in fire starting equipment...a propane flame thrower!

Now, I throw myself into school prep and some paddling whenever I can. Life is good. I am lucky to have good friends.

Paddle safe...



steve said...

essential camping equipment quality chef.You cant go wrong with one of those.

JohnB said...

watch that top had--it's too high, look at the position of the left elbow. Shoulder in danger. Sorry, just couldn't resist.

IowaAdmin said...

I saw you as you were southbound on the freeway Sunday morning (no mistaking the orange Cetus) as I was northbound on my way to Harrington Beach. Fun surf for awhile midday until it died down.

Silbs said...

You are right, Steve.
JB, I only did it because (as you could see if you looked carefully at the pic) I was going up hill.
I.A. I actually saw you. I wonder if you saw Greg and Jennifer (wood strip boats) as they were headed to Harrington.