Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Moment
A photograph generally represents 1/25th to 1/1/000th of a second of life and is expected to capture "the moment". Something may have happened a fraction of a second before or after the shutter clicked, but the observer is only presented with the permanent image and is left to draw their own conclusions. What these images stir in the looker is what separates good from great photographers. Of course, some people operate on the theory that even a blind chicken will get a kernel if it pecks long enough. So, they take dozens of shots in hope of getting a good one. Actually, most fashion and sport photags operate in this manner.
   So what do you see in the image above? Three wise men, Ala the Malta Conference? Which one is Stalin? Churchill? Stalin?
   How about this one? Is Aaron chocking? Is that an EMT coming to his rescue? Or is it just someone adjusting their gear?
Hmmm. Two lovers being coy?  You get the idea.

Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

My practiced eye tells me that Winnie, Franklin, and Joe are almost certainly drinking Surly Bitter Brewer in commemorative pint glasses. Also, speaking of Aaron choking, I was up until 1am reading 'Color Tour'. Damn you!

Silbs said...

No doubt, he is a talented writer. Read fast, a new one is headed to the press.