Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ecology 101
They're just pigeons in the picture, but there are bunches of gulls and geese there at our launch site. It is no accident that they gather around the "Do not feed the birds" sign because lots of people come to that very spot just to feed them. Parents lugging kids and bags of pop corn or stale bread are frequently there feeding the birds. Good thing or not so much?

Well, I think it is great that they are often there as families, and the kids really enjoy how close the birds come to compete for their booty. I am all for good parenting and, I guess, this long as the kid cannot read the sign and realize he is violating an ordinance.

The birds, I am sure, also like this arrangement. Unfortunately, they have become dependent on the hand outs and, in the case of geese, many no longer migrate for the winter. On top of all this, the area is often covered with birdie bowel movements, some of which can be surprisingly generous in size.

We have discussed what we can do about it and have decided on doing nothing. When one of our paddlers has said something to the felon feeders, the person has often responded with outright anger. These people, of course, remain in the area when we launch and are out of sight of our cars...not that they would vandalize them. For now, it goes on and on. I suppose there are larger issues in the world but, what the hell, I squeezed out another blog.

Paddle safe...


Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Next door neighbours in Alberta feed the pigeons...over 250 of them. Can you imagine the mess on the back deck, our roof? Can you sympathize with the nuisence of noisey flapping, cooing, and weird bird calls the lady gives out to announce food? How many pigeons can collide with the windows before they break? There is a city ordinance, but this lady is threatening to challenge the law on grounds of human rights. She says she believes birds have the same souls as humans, just in a different body. Imagine!!

Silbs said...

I think they taste like chicken :)