Monday, June 18, 2007

When I've taught in the past, I've always explained the 3 types of kayaking: White water, recreational and sea kayaking (which includes traditional...but I digress). This weekend I found myself sans transportation. My friend and forward stroke teacher, Gary Simon, was kind enough to take me out to Lake Nemahbin where he was headed for one of his gruelling work outs. I got in a lot of bracing and rolling while managing to aggravate my old rotator cuff injury.
It wasn't until I took this pic of Gary in his 25 pound go-fast that I realized there is a fourth and rapidly growing category of kayakers: the racers. Gary, a lawyer who is very well schooled in exercise physiology, cross trains year round. His basement is a one of a kind work out area with a rowing machine adapted for paddling and, so he tells me, a device to practice cycling.
Even when I was a marathon runner I was into endurance more than speed (I did manage a 3.5 hour marathon in my mid fifties). Gary, on the other hand, takes it to the max. He even has a lactic acid meter to check his blood to see how he is recovering after a training session.
So, now there are, in my mind, 4 categories of kayaking to teach. Do I hear #5?
Paddle safe...


Alex said...

Surf kayaking would be #5. :)

Actually in my IDW/ICE, for just whitewater alone, I explained to the class that there were 6 distinct types of kayaking. Those are squirt boating, slalom racing, wildwater racing, river running, freestyle playboating, and creeking and they all have different types of boats and unique skillsets.

Silbs said...

You are correct. Gary Simon sent me a similar note by e mail, and I suspect others see further subdivisions. What would the Inuit who lived 5000 years ago think of all this.? I suspect they would have been delighted, then would ask, "What's fiber glass?" :)