Friday, June 01, 2007

Over 7000 years old
Still drawing looks
I'm sure you've experienced it, too. Where ever I take my kayak, people want to look and ask questions. Some know it's a kayak, others have no idea what the little boat is for. Most are surprised at the conditions into which I'll launch and have no idea of the seaworthiness of our crafts.
Although the construction materials have changed, the basic design of our boats has survived the test of 7+ centuries. Even now, a large number of paddlers are building "skin" on frame boats and even more are using traditional Greenland "sticks". We even have an organization (QAJAQ USA...but I digress) where such interests and knowledge can be shared.
So, even though Derrick (see pic) is using his grape-flavored paddle made out of marshmallows and fiber glass (Norvoca), it is still the same basic shape that a seal hunter used off the coast of Greenland many many years ago. Talk about tradition.
Paddle safe...


Ron said...

I've been seduced by the dark side, now useing a (Novorca) greenland paddle. I've also been playing with the idea of a SOF boat, just trying to find the time.

Silbs said...

Repeat after me: "My name is Ron" (Hi, Ron), "and I have this urge to get a skin on frame boat." :)