Saturday, June 02, 2007

I am impressed by how many paddlers learn so much on their own. That is, without "formal" instruction. To be sure, a lot is passed from paddler to paddler as we teach one another. Some one reads something or picks up a pearl at a symposium and teaches it to another who teaches it to some one else. And, sometimes, a paddler teaches them self.
This is probably most true for sculling and rolling techniques, especially for those interested in traditional rolling. Sure, classes are available, and we have QAJAQ training camps; but a lot gets down by experimentation and persistence (who knows, I may one day have a static brace...but I digress).
I almost have a hand roll, almost. I'm not sure why it fails just at the end, but I will get it. Mean while, I am going to work with a norsac (throwing board) just to have a little bigger "gun" with which to get around. I figure that If I can do it with the board I will be just that much closer to doing it empty handed.
My method guarantees instant matter how long it takes.
Paddle safe...

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