Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sweet Sue

Sue and her partner, Jeff, paddle with the Milwaukee group and, just as often, with each other. They have been at it longer than myself and have traveled far and wide to learn from the masters. Sue, a petite size gal, can be an aggressive paddler. So, she needs the proper boat.

Recently, many of the local gals (non-paddlers) were very excited to hear a rumor that a Nordstrom store was to replace a Sears at our local mall. Why? Seems that Nordstrom is an upscale store that has an annual and famous shoe sale. Once a year, like lemmings, the women around here caravan down to Chicago to buy buy buy more shoes. Sort of like the search for the Holy Grail. What's this to do with Sue?

Well, Sue's Grail is the proper boat, and she has gone through them like they were shoes (she has occasionally changed boats more often than some of us change under wear...but I digress). Each time she would show up with a new boat we would be told that this is the one. The next to last one was a LV Explorer that I would have loved to try; but, alas, Sue had already removed the seat and installed another in a position that would have made it difficult if not impossible for me to get into.

Jump ahead to last Saturday my eyes deceive me? Why it is Sue, and she is looking good in her new Impex. She loves it. It is be continued?

Paddle safe...



JohnB said...

"more often than some of us change under wear..." week old underwear is less smelly than week old neoprene -- neither in my tent or car though ;)))

Alex said...

I don't know, I think my boat rotation rate would give Sue a run for her money!

sue said...

I really like the Impex, however I have found a more "perfect" kayak that I ordered from Finland.Dick you can fit in the ExplorerLV. I am selling it and you really should consider buying another boat to be in with the in crowd

Silbs said...

In an ideal world, maybe. The shadow has still not been sold, and I am over my allowed quota of kayaks already.

sue said...

Silbs the "perfect boat" is on its way to Milwaukee. It is the only one like it in the United States. I will let you know when it arrives-bring your camera.
Sweet( some would disagree) Sue