Thursday, June 21, 2007

Time Share
Those of us who paddle off Milwaukee, especially south shore, monitor channel 16 for commercial traffic announcements. We, along with the sailing and power boat yachties, share these waters with some big stuff. More over, the big guys aren't out there to play. they are there to do work...and earn a living. They don't need recreational boaters hindering them or, worse, putting them in danger.
The Lake Land Express is a catamaran car ferry capable of 40 knots. The skipper always announces his departures and arrivals, and we give him a wide berth. Just now, we also have tugs and barges loaded with huge rocks passing through our area as they repair the south break water. Here's Leslie coming in from the outer harbor to the south shore basin (the car ferry is just out of the picture to the right...but I digress). We've learned to listen for power boats coming from behind the break water on the left and to watch for sail boat masts which seem to silently creep into view. Here we met two sailors under canvas which makes them less maneuverable. I have found that my many years of sailing help me position my kayak so as not to force them to tack into me. So, keep a watch out, especially if you paddle an area that sees commercial travel. And don't forget about the jet skiers. Like they say on Hill Street Blues: Be careful out there. Or as we say here...
Paddle safe...

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