Friday, June 29, 2007

Pop Quiz

Q: What is longest continuously competed for sailing trophy in the world and where is it? (Hint: It is not the America's Cup).

A: It is, in fact, the Queen's Cup and it resides right here in Milwaukee at the South Shore Yacht Club (of which I am a former fleet surgeon and a life member...but I digress). Right now, yachts from Michigan, Wisconsin and other areas are gathering here for the overnight race to Michigan and a chance to "win" the Queen's Cup. The age and duration of the actual cup has been well document and was recently verified by an English company (using engraver's marks on the cup).

The fleet will begin leaving later today and sail through the night. There is, of course, partying at both ends.
Off for a busy weekend: Teaching in Madison today. Bachelor party tomorrow. Will see the Cubs battle the Brewers (like I care) and enjoy dinner with Lady Linda's nephew (the condemned man) and his friends and family (male only).

Paddle Safe...


Richard said...

How can you be a former life member?

Silbs said...

former fleet surgeon AND a life member. If I'd left out the (a), former would have defined both. If Gary Simon sees this he can clear it up, I'm sure.