Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Because it's There?(CASKA photo)
That's the reason the guy climbed Mt. Everest. Because it was there. The pure challenge. I am guessing that is why paddlers do some of the things they do: because it is there, and they can. For instance, Derrick has a circumnavigation of Puerto Rico coming up. It has been well thought out and planned. He has cited intellectual and educational reasons for doing the trip and has lots of "side trips" integrated into the adventure. He seems to have a purpose for doing what he is doing, a higher purpose than just doing it because he can.

Freya and Greg, on the other hand, seemed to have gone off to circumnavigate Iceland simply because it is there. There was little in the way of planning, and the whole thing seemed quite impulsive (which can, itself be fun...but I digress). They are crossing bays as wide as 60-100 kilometers to shorten the distance which, in turn, keeps them from seeing a lot of the shore features. It is, it seems, a paddle that could be done anywhere. It seems grueling. They admit that they are taking such a route because time is short. What, I wonder, is the point? They are, I know, very capable and experienced paddlers who can pretty much go any where at any time. Why there with so little a window of time? When it is over, what will they have other than a high aerobic threshold and many miles of generic water under their hulls?

I do wish them a safe finish as I do every paddler who ventures out onto the water. And, I will continue to strive to understand what drives the paddle anywhere at any time thought process.

(note: As we go to press we have almost completed a Silbs exclusive report on some of the most dangerous waters in the Midwest. This report will also reveal previously unpublished data on a human sub species that endangers the unwary paddler. Tomorrow, here at Silbs Says).

Paddle safe...


derrick said...

LOL! Well sometimes things just snowball too. You think, would'nt that be cool and then one thing leads to another. . . All my reasons for doing it, really didn't come along until I already "knew" I was doing it. Often it's not until you learn more about the place you've chosen and meet the people do you really begin to see the reasons behind the folly. :)

Regarding Greg and Freya, I can say I know to her, first or fastest is a goal in itself too. So to each their own of course. :)

Michael said...

I agree with you Dick. I've selected out a few bit of Newfoundland to visit this July and with any luck will get to know them fairly well. So far I've sampled Burgeo on the south coast (amazing). I like the feeling of 'knowing' a place and some of its people. Hadas and Tomer seem to be touching land only when forced in by ice or hunger as they paddle this island. Not for me, but we each feed our personal needs, don't we...?