Thursday, June 07, 2007

Back Home

Back home and still not resettled. Even a few days of living somewhere else has shaken my routine (in a joyous way...but I digress). The visit with family and new grand son was terrific. I also met some of their wonderful friends some of who, for reasons they did not reveal, often read this pap. Hi to all in Cincinnati.

Now, it is time to look ahead to the real paddling season. These, hopefully, will be the best paddling times of the year. This is when we live out of cars, motels and tents while the boats are either atop cars or water (and, all the time, I will worry what Lady Linda is doing to what I've left behind in the garage...but I digress...again).

Ahead are times with large groups at symposiums and, if all goes as planned, some time on Lake Superior with JB. I need to get back into the groove here at home and get some fresh photo material to share with you. So, now as much as ever...

Paddle safe...


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