Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fish nor Fowl
Like most children, I grew up wondering how I fit into the scheme of things. I wondered, too, if I was good enough or, at least, as good as the others. Going through the stages of development brought feelings of clumsiness, not looking right and just being different. It was to be many years later that I learned that I was, in fact, different from most of the other kids. It was, in fact, to take decades until I had the knowledge to realize that I was a right-brained dude in a left-brained world.
This knowledge served me and, later, my daughter when I was able to recognize the same curse/blessing in her and explain it to her when she suffered the same feelings I had had as a child. So, like many of my fellow minority members, I embrace my difference.
We are the ones who often won't argue with you as we see things conceptually. We often know without knowing how we know. We are the writers and artists. We are the ones who suddenly make what seems to others to be outrageous and in congruent statements. We then laugh as do the other "righties" who see the conceptual humor while the "leftites" hopelessly stare, unable to "get it."
It must be the same with Milo, my youngest's dog. He is neither fish nor fowl. Built like a basset hound, he has the coat of a black lab. I wonder if he wonders what he is and how he fits in. Or, just maybe, he takes delight in his uniqueness and smiles to himself as he sees the rest of the world trying to figure it out.
Paddle safe...

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Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Cast off the bowline--- you're thinking too much... it will become much clearer once you hit the water...

PS My eyes are much better now thanks!!