Saturday, June 23, 2007

Art For Art's Sake

Even primitive peoples had their art. Some of it was scratched on rocks and the walls of caves. Some painted their bodies or made masks. Through out time, each culture has had its own distinctive style with which they expressed what they had no words to say. The same has been true of North American Natives.

The totem is one example that can still be seen in Alaska and other areas of the western main land. Hawaiian art is unique as is that of the Inuit. So, with the traditional roots of the kayak being what they are, I am surprised more of us don't decorate our boats accordingly. For this reason, I was delighted when Leslie gifted me with a turtle decal she had purchased in Utah. All the more so because the turtle happens to be my totem animal. It now resides just aft of the cockpit of my Romany. I hope to get my daughter (who has good art skills...but I digress) to eventually paint it in white on my black SOF.

Paddle safe...


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