Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Eye Candy

As most of you know, I like to walk. Sometimes I have to because Ansel needs to go out and Lady Linda is unable to escort him. Other times I do it for exercise, and sometimes I do it to relax, get away and meditate. You also know by now that I often carry a camera which, in turn, makes me see more; and what I see I call eye candy.

Sometimes I am drawn to something because it is silly or bright or unique or because it makes me smile for reasons I don't need to understand. Often (as with all three pics here...but I digress) I find these nuggets within a block or two of my house.

I see pictures everywhere. I see things that touch me artistically everywhere. And, always, people look at some of my pics and ask if that is how it really looked. I tell them that it is the way it looked to me. I have no idea what you would have seen or how you would have interpreted the scene...or even bothered to photograph it. Different people like different candy.Paddle safe...


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