Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sweet Sue...again

local gossip piece #1 Alex temporarily took the lead in the I-got-a-new-boat-headlines with his purchase of his Nordkapp LV. Alas, it was not to last. Sweet Sue has just showed up on the shores of Lake Michigan with her new Skim which is, to my knowledge, the first in the area.

Item 2: It's happened again. Two kayakers have died of hypothermia. They were not properly dressed (what a surprise). I learned of this via Kristen's blog this morning. She has a link to the Toronto news paper's report.

Item 3: Temps around here dropped into the 40's during the night and are not expected to make it into the 60's today. Dress for it when you go out there.

Item 4: Four of us are hoping to get a weekend camping-paddling trip in at Door County the weekend of the 26th. This is perfect timing as it comes after the weekend of my daughter's wedding. If it turns out to be unusually cold, we have our eye on the option of a campsite with yurts.

Walking Ansel the other morning, I discovered a new genus of trees that seems to grow a stringy cellulose-like fruit. More info when available. Enough nonsense.

Paddle safe...


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