Friday, October 19, 2007


Actually, it isn't a pig call. It is a nick name for Dr. Robert Seward, presently residing in Oregon. Right now, he is here in Wisconsin to attend my daughter's wedding.
We met in 1963 as freshman med students. The class was divided into groups of 4 from an alphabetic list (Paul Strang has since died. I do not know the fate of the 4th man...but I digress). We were the only quartet of all bachelors, and three of us (me included) were nuts. Sewie and I both (not so secretly) really wanted to be jazz musicians. When we took the week allowed during senior year to visit possible internships, the two of us went to New York, took a room at the old but famous Algonquin Hotel and visited zero internships. We did, however, hear a lot of very fine jazz. We also caught hell when we returned to Madison and our itinerary was discovered by the faculty.

Through decades and miles of separation, Sewie and Silbs have kept in touch. Now, because of the joyous event, we are together for a while. It was nice having breakfast with him yesterday.

Paddle safe...


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Michael said...

Great story, so full of the spirit of youth! Glad to hear you're both still having fun.