Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Weekend
I drove up to Peninsula State Park Friday afternoon. It was a sunny day, and the 150 mile trip went quickly. The state park (in Door County...but I digress) was in full fall colors. We had 3 camp sites thanks to Greg (our leader in all camping) and Doug. Greg and I shared one, Doug and Bob another. The third, which Doug prepped early Thursday, was for Sheri. She worked Friday and arrived sometime during that night. Sue and Jeff stayed in a hotel with their aged dog.You think you know a guy, but it was only then that I learned Greg was terrified of chipmunks and would go to any extreme to escape them :) I slept like a baby that night and awoke to a gray, cold, drizzling morning. I stayed in my snug bag until I heard Greg getting the coffee. Dressing warmly, we had a quick breakfast, then all seven of us met on the Green Bay side of the peninsula for a paddle.

The designated kayak launch area has become a victim of the falling lake levels. We never used it. That's Horse Shoe Island, a favorite anchorage of sail boaters. It is well protected, except for winds out of the south (looking north). It doesn't show in the pic, but there were four-footers out there with gusts up in the 30's coming from the west. After making the island and catching our breathes, we found a smallish surf area and played. I got in a lot of practice taking beam waves without bracing.

A hot shower afterwards and the entire group found a restaurant for a nice gathering and evening meal. I slept like a baby once again. (To be continued).

Paddle safe...



Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

You're making me look bad as I grabbed a nap during the high winds and rain... you da man!!

Kristen said...

Good stuff, Silbs! Love the top photo's colour contrasts. And now I know what I can do with my unused crampons.