Thursday, October 04, 2007

Winding down...
Before Rewinding With ICE behind me, I feel relaxed and find myself in a reflective mood. My paddling focus has been concentrated on modeling, teaching and big water rescues. Now, I can look forward to some genuine play. I am even up for the winter pool sessions so I can work in my skin on frame boats.
During times such as these I find myself dwelling in nostalgia. I don't know why. I think about times and events past and wistfully remember things from my youth that have disappeared, or nearly so. I think of phonograph turntables with an arm armed with a needle, I recall pre-dial phones and party lines and crazy hair styles and narrow lapels. Then there are carburetors that had distributors and timing lights and butterfly valves.
I remember back to when the entire family sat before a huge radio that whistled and had tubes, and we listened to programs made rich by the images of our imaginations. I remember making scooters out of orange crates and roller skates (remember having a skate key on a string around your neck?...but I digress).
I remember waiting for the mailman to bring the secret decoder ring that I had sent away for with a quarter and a cereal box top. I remember when there was no plastic and no one I knew traveled by airplane. And, I remember my heroes like The Lone Ranger, and I find myself wondering where Superman will now change his clothes.

Paddle safe...

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