Thursday, October 11, 2007

To Color
Not To Color

Some where during my photographic studies I remember being told that the first thing to decide was whether or not something was worth photographing. The next thing to decide was whether to do it in color or gray scale (black and white).

Too often folks just take for granted that all pictures are to be in color. Think back to the last time you purchased black and white film (or any film...but I digress). Your digital images are captured in color and presented as such. To be sure, we see the world in color and presuppose that it should always be represented that way.

Who, after all, would not prefer to see the rich red in the berries on the left as apposed to the blah image when the color has been extracted?Truth is, it is prettier. Besides, how many of us have ever learned or know how to manipulate the gradations of gray or the characteristics curve of a B&W image?

So, maybe everything should be in color (anybody recently buy a B&W TV?).

Paddle safe...



Ron said...

Your photos always capture my interest, especially the black and whites. I always have my camera with me, in the truck, or on a trip, but getting what I see, or feel, into the photo can be a challange. An SLR with the option of b&w would be nice.

Silbs said...

You can always hit desaturation in your software to get to gray school. Then, however, you have to manipulate the gray shades to get "what I saw". With film, you are at the mercy of the lab unless you develope your own. By the way, most black and white film should be exposed at half the ASA (i.e., tri x at 200 or 180) then sent to a specialty lab who you tell how it was exposed. Thanks for the kind words.

RoyM said...

Nice Kayak piture.....

There were 7 Anas Acuta's there that weekend. The most I think I have ever seen gathered in one place at one time.

Best Wishes

Silbs said...

And they come in so many flavors too!