Monday, October 22, 2007

Sick, Sore And In Bliss
The wedding was all and more than I could have wished for, and I have another wonderful son in law. My daughter was radiant, and all her plans went off without a hitch. Family and wonderful friends were there for the ceremony and to enjoy food, talk and dancing. The celebration , at times, bubbled over with joy. By evening's end, I was physically exhausted from dancing and laughing. At my daughter's request, I got to blow a few tunes with the excellent band which brought back that indescribable joy I've always felt while playing jazz with good musicians.

The virus distributed here in the Midwest by my grandson, Joseph, has taken over most of my respiratory passages. No matter, life is good.

What an evening it was. I am so happy for my daughter. I am so grateful to friends and family. I am so blessed.

Paddle safe...



JohnB said...

What a beautiful ceremony and fantastic celebration!

Tammy was absolutely stunning!

Not only does Silbs clean-up well, and he doesn’t always smell like old lake water, the man blows a mean horn!

Alex said...

Congrats on the new member of the family!

I'm just getting over the cold/flu myself. It knocked me out for the past week or so. Nasty bugger.