Thursday, January 24, 2008

And I Think I Have It Bad

I always enjoy reading Michael's blogs, especially when he talks about and shows photos of the times he lived with the Inuit. In particular, I marvel as I learn more about the environment in which these people live and thrive. The chill factor here, this morning, is -20F. As I sit writing this, I am being kept warm by a furnace in the basement below where I sit. It runs on a thermostat, and the gas company automatically supplies it with fuel. I need only dial in the temperature I want.

In contrast, the Inuit were, and pretty much still are, at the mercy of the outdoors. Building a fire in a place where trees do not grow is their only furnace (I know, many of their towns now have homes with heaters...but I digress). Sure, they build shelters, store food in unique ways and have adaptive clothing. Still, day in and day out, they live in a frigid environment and survive.

I, on the other hand, hang my skin on frame in the garage, live in a heated house and still complain about the cold. Even when I get out onto the lake this time of year, there is always chili and warm coffee to be had within minutes of my coming ashore...and I don't have to use a dog sled to get to it.

Keep the good stories coming, Michael. Maybe I'll stop feeling sorry for myself.

Paddle safe...



JohnB said...

" . . . stop feeling sorry (your)self. . ."?

Not when you get that gas bill.

Did you get down to Sven's last weekend for chili? After Steve said he'd have it for us, I didn't get down there! Hope you did.

So, what do/did the Inuits burn in their fires?

Silbs said...

Never got to Sven's. As to the fire, I'd have to defer to Michael.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Silbs I am new to your blog but like many you mention longing for the water soon. Wonderful photos here. I can just imagine what your collection is like. I was just talking to someone in the UK and they were paddling yesterday, sounded exciting. Oh the temperate zones.....


Silbs said...

Hey, stan, I've enjoyed some ofyour images as well. As for the cold: we in the middle states don't get the warmth of the Gulf Stream. The closest thing to it is paddling near a nuclear plant where the waters are always warm:)Be fun to see what my persantine scan looks like when I dump in the cold water.