Friday, January 04, 2008

It Is A Great Mystery!

I shouldn't have to go up the mountain to find the guru. I should know this stuff. After all, I am a physician with lots of experience in exercise physiology and good stuff like that. But this is a great mystery.

In high school I weighed 162 pounds. I am about 5'9". I competed in judo at that weight but was a bit lighter during my marathon running days (up into my fifties!). Then I had nerve damage to my leg and couldn't do the old stuff (that's how I got into kayaking in the first place...but I digress). My weight went up and settled in at around 170-172. Sick of being so fat, I recently joined a gym and have been doing aerobic and weight work outs regularly for two weeks. I didn't expect great results in such a short time, but I certainly didn't expect to gain weight. This morning I weighed 178!

Theory one: I am eating much more than I did before I began working out. Not true. I am eating about the same. If anything, less.

Theory two: I am bulking up on muscle form my workouts. Again, not true. My belly fat looks the same. If I had gained 5 pounds of muscles the garments covering those areas should be tighter. They aren't.

E=MC2. There is mass and energy. They can be converted back and forth, but the sum total never the universe.

That leads to theory three: Somewhere out there in the universe energy equivalent to 5 pounds of flab have disappeared. Time to meet Nydia and JB for coffee and oatmeal.

Paddle safe...



Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Well, it's all bought and paid for, so enjoy... throw some pancakes on the grille and I'll be right over.

DaveO said...

If you feel good and are active who cares? I weighed 155# in high school and they could have used me to get the baseball out of the storm sewer. I feel much better, more substantial if you will, at my current semi-svelte 225#. Carpe Diem, as they say, and all will be well.

Ben said...

Theory #4- Sit on the toilet for a while, drink less water. My weight has fluctuated 5 lbs in the last week, too, 5 lbs isn't really anything.
Don't worry. There's probably some muscle in that, too. A little here, a little there.

Ron said...

I hear ya Silbs! I really do!

JohnB said...

I think Ben is on to something there, what's your waste output been like? Maybe you're just more full of "it" now than you were before.

Is Irish Whisky a laxative?

Silbs said...

Such "helpful" info :) Ben, you gained weight due to your mother in law's cooking.JB, maybe we can get a grant to study the side effects of Irish Whiskey. Daveo, shower before Canoecopia:) Capt'n, meet you at the IHOP. Ron, you get the award for compassion.