Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Made It Myself

Skin On Frame kayaks have a very important structure, the Masik, which is the wood that goes across one's thighs when seated properly. In addition to breaking one's knee caps when trying to squeeze into a SOF, a tight fit under the Masik makes for magical rolling experiences. Key hole cockpits, on the other hand, off no such support but, rather, rely on some braces or chuncks of padding under the deck.

Buy yourself a piece of closed cell foam, take your favorite bread knife and carve one out. It takes about 2 minutes. Once seated in your boat, slide the device under the deck so it lies across your thighs. Bingo. (Foot in the photo is for size comoparison)....(it is a size 9 foot...but I digress).

WARNING: practice wet exits with the divise in place. You must, after popping the skirt, remove it before you can wet exit. If you panic and do not remove it, YOU WILL BE TRAPPED IN THE BOAT.

Paddle safe...


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