Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Road Trip

The weather forecast for today is so weird that I don't want to face the day. It will, at times, probably look like the pic above, which I took last Saturday while riding shotgun in JB's van on the way to Madison. I think we both were feeling restless having been frozen off Lake Michigan for some time now. JB had an order of some more junk he was buying waiting at Rutabaga where we both teach in summer (Summer, by the way, is going to be on a Tuesday this year...but I digress).

Good enough excuse...into his van and onto I-94 for the 80 mile trip to our states capitol. But a road trip is not just a ride, at least not for us. No indeed, because when JB travels he always has his coffee maker, his Irish whiskey and, now, his home theater. Well, sort of a home theater.

We stopped at a small town off the interstate, went to a good old fashion cafe with good old fashion service and ordered a good old fashion breakfast. Then, JB set up his video camera and portable screen thingy and made me watch myself wipe out in ice water again and again. The waitress watched, as well, and I think I saw a "These guys are nuts" look on her face. Smart girl.

The rest of the trip was routine other than the fact I managed to spend not one cent. That's what I call a successful road trip.

Paddle safe...


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