Monday, January 14, 2008

to the
Not these guys. I mean the guys at Milwaukee's Geek Squad who just solved my problem on the phone. It seems that the last MS up date has screwed up lots of computers. Solution, I uploaded FireFox. Problem solved.Next problem: The pool session Saturday was well attended. Maybe too well. Lots of play boats and more full sized sea kayaks showed up. In spite of the Y allowing us additional space in the pool, it was tight at times. Some didn't even bother to go in.

Ironically, one of the newer guys posted to our site that he had a good time and how nice it was that there were so many advanced paddlers available and willing to teach. Problem is that some of those teachers have said they may not come any more since they couldn't find safe space in which to do their work. Now what?

Paddle safe...


Kristen said...

The dangers of success... And Firefox rules!

DaveO said...

I love Firefox also. I also set a personal pool record of two winter appearances so far this winter. The vertical storm roll revealed itself to me but the shotgun roll is still a mystery.