Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thanks Mates

It is 2008. Last night we had most of our little family and some good friends here for excellent food, fellowship and a few bottles of wine. Included was this vintage Woop Woop which is a product from down under. I recommend it.

Honestly, I was exhausted from the day before and that morning's work out in the gym. I went down to nap at 10pm with plans to join the others for the midnight madness. I woke at 4 am. Oh well.

Joseph will be escorting his mother back to Cincinnati this morning, and Ben and Tammy will head back down to Illinois. The house has really been a home these past few days, and it will (I am sure) seem awfully quiet around here by this evening.

The Milwaukee paddling group will be meeting at Leslie's for chili and chatter. All together, not a bad life.

Paddle safe...


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