Sunday, January 06, 2008

Post Mortem
How To Be Monday Morning Quarterback on Sunday

This month's Sea Kayaker Magazine has a first person account of an attempted solo crossing of Lake Michigan. The article is followed by an excellent analysis by Brian Day. Brian isn't here so, since I paddle his old Romany, I will analyze yesterday's happening myself.

First, we were in dry suits, and I had neoprene mittens and a nice fleece hat on (if you should find it floating north of Milwaukee, I would appreciate a call...but I digress). We each did a gentle and controlled seal launch. Doug turned into the surf and paddled out. His relaxed posture and nice rotation indicated he was comfortable in the sea that was running 3-4 in the shallows.

I chose to transverse the little bay and take the waves on the beam to practice edging and an occasional brace. Then I joined Doug. Looking back, it was obvious that JB wanted to video us, so I caught a wave and dumped, as explained in yesterday's post.

I kissed the deck, held my breath and never was aware of any cold shock. As the boat settled, I set up to roll and was instantly hit by a wave which threw me into the chuncky soup near shore.

My/our biggest mistake: Although we'd discussed it prior to launch, we did not wear helmets. I could have been badly hurt by the boat which was being tossed about like a toy, not to mention the thick chunks of ice every where. So, off to buy another fleece head covering and maybe a better helmet so I am more likely to wear it.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

It actually sounds kinda fun. I'd like to see the video of this event also. My guess is that this adventure was not necessarily deconstructed with LadyLinda? Gotta hit the water soon!

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...


Ron said...

I was in the nice warm pool this weekend, no ice to mess up my rolls. By the way, I've a couple hats floating about in Lake Superior too.

Anonymous said...

Very cool (no pun intended)! A little slice of the Arctic, served cold of course.

Any advice regarding helmets? I'm planning to get one myself, for learning to surf, mainly the Great Lakes and whatever I can occasionally catch on inland lakes. Materials, fitting, etc., anything would be appreciated!

Silbs said...

Helmets is something I know little about. For me, the most important factor is fit and I will wear it. Folks at good paddling shops can help (what city are you in?) and others may post here.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Madison, so can probably try several and buy a good one at the upcoming Canoecopia.

I asked because of your reference to getting "a better helmet so I am more likely to wear it," and thought you might have some specifics in mind. I've also just posted a question to

Looks like a fun day at the beach! I'll be watching the LakefrontCam for a good day to come and play among the icebergs!