Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Holding On
To Memories

The fact that winter is getting to those of us in the upper latitudes should be pretty obvious by now, especially if you read blogs such as Michael's, Derrick's and myself. We are coping anyway we can. That includes things like long meetings over coffee and looking through the old "family album". Pictures, like the one above taken from a video clip shot by JB, help to relive exciting moments on the water. But what I really find joy in recalling are

days hanging with good friends. like JB and Derrick and Nydia.

Working on my forward stroke with Gary.Camping with Greg and Jennifer.Steeping myself in culture such as Leslie's Cajun music.Getting out on Lake Michigan with Sherri...and Doug and the entire Milwaukee gang including Rick, Sue, Jeff and Bob.

And, of course, family.

Paddle safe...



derrick said...

I vant summer now! arg!! Oh well, had a nice evening in the pool so at least I got some rolling in.

I'm hoping for a warmish february day to come over and join you guys. I'd like to explore some icebergs again.

Michael said...

Ain't cabin fever fun! Great set of pictures to remind yourself of the warm days we all enjoyed! Scanning my old arctic slides makes me appreciate how 'warm' it really is at - 15°C this morning!

Mine's said...

That poor dog. No one loves him. Summer? Is that those few weeks between winters?

cooldoctor1 said...

Silbs, your photos are very encouraging of the slow slide of winter past us.. The central Illinois paddlers—the baker’s dozen or so of us—are also rocking chairing, watching DVDs in between peering out the kitchen window to count the ice swirls on the driveway, while we pine for longer days and shorter nights. Blessedly, the amount of snowfall in 2007-2008 has thus far been near negligible in Illinois, and for that I thank the sometimes wrathful God of Winter. Although snow can be great for kayakboggining, it sure makes for a slushy foyer to my house.

I will remind all your faithful readers that the days began increasing in sun starting around December 21. We are 1/6 toward the summer solstice, the day when the sun makes its longest arc around our lakes, so that we can play all day, paddle in hand, Gatorade in dry hatch., and sunscreen on face.

Enjoyed your photos, silbs. CD1

Silbs said...

Well, Doc, come up to Wisconsin. We have your snow up here. And thanks for the kind words.