Saturday, January 05, 2008

You Gotta' Believe

Spring will come. It is in the 30's F out there, and some of us are paddling at noon. December was cold with lots and lots of snow, much of it still on the ground. According to the talk over coffee yesterday, some of us are surviving by dreaming about spring and the upcoming good stuff.

There will, as I understand it, not be an Inland Sea Kayak Symposium in Washburn as those folks have decided on an every other year schedule. In may the Western Michigan Symposium happens on an inland lake. Right after the 4th of July we have the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium in Wisconsin and, a week later, the Grand Marais Symposium on the Upper Peninsula. Throw in some teaching, a few day trips from home and 2 or 3 camping-kayak trips and you have yourself a summer to which you can look forward.

Right now, I am focusing on pool sessions and Canoecopia where I hope to hook up with a bunch of others who take time to write posts such as this one. Until then, into the base layers and dry suit. Lake Michigan, complete with flotillas of ice, awaits.

Paddle safe...


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