Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guest Photog
I so love images, especially ones of the outdoors and outdoor sports, that I can't get enough of them. Recently during a Milwaukee group paddle (I wasn't even there...but I digress) one of our guys, Bob Bertrand, handed his camera off to a passing pedestrian and apparently asked the guy to take some pics. It is reported that the man's name is Gib Bathrick. These are his images with very little touching up and a tad of cropping. I doubt that Gib is a paddler, yet he seemed to catch the mood of the day quiet nicely.Need a hand gopher launching (gopher launching is an Inuit wannabe's launch over ice less than .001mm thick)?
Tell someone one to shove it.Greg out in the strip boat he constructed from plans. He recently passed the ICE exam.
I am going to collect the images of others, images that involve kayaking, and post and credit them here. When I can't find some, I will slap up an image or two of my own.
Paddle safe...

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