Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Frame Up
As part of my campaign to stave off the winter blues, I've been spending some time with my photo files. I tried watching them as slide shows on my computer but decided something else was needed. So, I printed a few images and "displayed" them in my chaotic little room by leaning them up against various objects. The lighting, along with all the other amenities, is not so good in that little jail cell, and the effect was not all I had longed for.

While in a store a few days ago, I saw some inexpensive frames. Serendipity. I've framed one image (taken at QAJAQ camp), and Lady Linda put it right up in the family room (I have arrived...but I digress). I can tell you that walking into the room and occasionally pausing to look at the image gives me pleasure and lightens the mood.

Paddle safe...


1 comment:

JohnB said...

Who's mood does it lighten?

Nice photo!