Saturday, January 05, 2008

It Wasn't Pretty...but,
At least It Didn't Last Long

South Shore was iced in, so JB, Doug and I headed north to McKinley beach which is exposed to the east. The only person in sight was this surfer who wasn't having much luck. Along the beach, there were dense packs of ice that tinkled like a giant martiniWhen I eventually seal launched, I had trouble digging my paddle in for a stroke, then nearly lost it when the ice wouldn't let go. Doug was anxious to launch and hurried down to the beach.I followed and then, while JB remained high and dry behind a running video camera, I caught a wonderful wave. I was gunning in toward the martini bracing first on one side and then the other. Then the crest of the wave was along side the cockpit and the bow was making like a submarine. Over coffee later, we reviewed the tapes (JB never did launch) and discovered I had pitched end over end. The only damage was the loss of a wonderful fleece hat. I had set up to roll just as another wave hammered me. I was, by then, in very shallow water with lots of ice around, so I bailed. It was great.

Paddle safe...


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JohnB said...

So, how much are those pixels of you doing a somersualt worth?

I didn't think a martini had ice in it, guess it does while still in the shaker (perhaps that's why JB -- James Bond -- wants them stirred not shaken . . . or is it the other way around? I digress ;))

The water was like a blended margarita, how's that???