Monday, December 31, 2007


It's what the director gets to say when the last piece of film has been shot and the project is "in the can". It is done, over. In films, however, there is still an opportunity for the cutter and the editor to make sense of all the raw footage that has accumulated. So it is with life.

2007 is about to go into the can or, as we say, into the history books. It is a time for us all to edit, in our minds, what we have done, seen, tried, wished for and failed to do these past 12 months. It is time to use that info to formulate a script for 2008 when we again get a chance to do, see, try wish for and...yes, fail. It is a healthy learning process when done properly. If, on the other hand, you chose to make it a time of regret and self incrimination, it is likely that you will not write a better script next time around. After all, we are all the directors of our lives.

For now, however, it is a wrap and, as at the end of any film, time to roll the credits. Among them I list my wonderful family and the cadre of fine friends who are all a blessing in my life.

Scenery and lighting by Mother Nature.

Special effects by The Great Out Doors

Kayaks by NDK, Mark Rodgers, CLC and Peter Strand.

Cameras by Canon and Pentax.

Stunt men and women: Kayakers all over the world.

Wardrobe by Kokatat and many others

The part of Silbs was played by himself.

All film was shot on location...and in my house and garage and local parks.

So now, I wish for you what I wish for myself: Happiness, to find what we need more than what we want, to be surrounded by good people (we are all related) and peace.

Paddle safe...



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Enjoy the New Year Dick. I can't wait to see what adventures '08 will have in store for us.