Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Death by TV Dinner

I've written about bisphenol A before. It is in all plastics, baby bottles, Nalgene bottles, linings of soup cans and more. According to an excellent review by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on 2Dec2007, 93% of us have it in our body. More over, it is a carcinogen. When you heat something in such a container, you get even higher with a TV dinner in a plastic tray.The paper reviewed all sorts of studies done on this subject and found that the ones that say this stuff is not a problem were sponsored by the plastic companies. All the academics pretty much agree that this is a ticking time bomb. I guess I obsess on this because it is of greater concern the younger you are, and I have a grandchild.

So, if breast cancer or testicular cancer is a something that touches a nerve in you, you might want to read up on the stuff. Just be aware of who is supplying the info.

Paddle safe...



Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Perfect... Thanks for the heads up, especially cause I am a wilderness water boiler and cool down in nalgenes on the overnight.

JohnB said...

And, in today's (12/6/2007) paper a big article on the presence of this stuff in canned baby formula -- another good argument for going the old fashioned route, mother's breast milk! But, if pumped use a glass pump and store in glass containers. Hmmmm, what are the nipples on baby bottles made of? And, pacifiers? And teething rings? And . . . . It really is endless, glad I'm done producing offspring. As my brother once said, "after fathering one 'normal' child, I decided not to take anymore risks." (He served in the Marines in VietNam, 2 tours, and was exposed to much.)