Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Candy Store...
It Will Come To You

Just in time for Christmas, the Chesapeake Light Craft catalogue arrived in the mail. For those who might not know, CLC sells kits from which various kayaks can be built. I can tell you that the product is excellent and that even I can do it (although it looks like I did it all over my Arctic Tern, a wonderful Mark Rogers design...but I digress).

Complete, except for tools, most kits use a stitch and clue method with the holes already drilled in the preformed pieces of wood. Most boats take about 60-100 hours (not in a row) to complete and, if one works carefully, the results can be awesome. If you are just a bit more ambitious, consider a hybrid kit.

The hybrid boats use the easy and fast stitch and glue method to lay up the hull. The decks of these boats, however, are strips (also supplied in the kit). This lets you combine the ease of the original construction (hull) along with the beauty of a strip deck. With some creative staining one can produce a work of art.

You can also get other types of boats to build. This year they have added a kit for a 8'6" surf kayak (not for white water). And there is much more, including lots of accessories. If you want a catalogue, go on line at and contact the candy store.

Correction: Mark Rodgers designed the Artic Hawk.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

Amen. Several years back, while he was in high school, 2ndLtOlson decided he needed a kayak. Figuring it was a good way to insure 60-100 hours of father-son one on one bonding we went for it. He was much more meticulous than I and the result was a good looking, sea worthy (try around Isle Royale)and responsive boat. You're right, they make great stuff!

Joshua said...

I got the catalog as well, and I'm particularly interested in that surf boat. CLC has certainly been bringing some fresh innovation to the stitch and glue kits recently.

derrick said...

well, I have nothing to say. . lol. . I could explain why I'd never get one of those to float. .instead I'll just sit here singing along to Bow wow wow. . "I want candy. . . . ."